Car insurance bills rise with over 50s hit hardest


The cost of auto protection is rising five times quicker than expansion, as indicated by new research, with more seasoned drivers seeing the greatest increments.

Auto protection premiums are going up by 14.6% a year, statistical surveying organization Consumer Intelligence found, while expansion, as measured by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) remained at 2.9% in August. Normal yearly premiums now remain at £755.

The more than 50s saw the most honed increment in premiums, with costs up by 16.5% a year, despite the fact that their normal yearly premiums remain the least contrasted with other age gatherings, at £434. Interestingly, under-25s, whose premiums are ascending by 11% a year, pay a normal of £1,719 a year for auto protection.

Why are auto protection premiums rising five times more than swelling?

Protection Premium Tax (IPT), an expense on general protection premiums, has expanded a few times as of late, with the most recent ascent in June, from 10% to 12%, adding around £8 to the normal engine strategy.

The shortcoming of the pound following the UK’s vote to leave the EU has likewise determined up premiums, as it has pushed up the cost of auto parts imported from abroad.

John Blevins, valuing master at Consumer Intelligence, stated:

“Car insurance claim costs have increased in the past three months, partly because we are driving more technologically advanced cars which cost more to repair, but also because the weakness of the pound means the cost of parts is rising.

“Older drivers are being hit with higher premiums because they are driving for longer and consequently becoming involved in more accidents.”

More youthful drivers, in the interim, are profiting from telematics, or ‘discovery’ protection which cuts normal expenses down. These utilization ‘discovery’ innovation to enable guarantors to compute premiums that appropriately mirror people’s own driving conduct.

Customer Intelligence found that 65% of the most aggressive costs for under-25s originate from telematics arrangements, and one out of five of all best purchase cites. Costs for more youthful drivers are marginally lower than they were in 2013.

Provincial contrasts

Auto protection premiums are least expensive for drivers living in Scotland and Wales, with normal yearly premiums costing £518 and £573 individually. Drivers leaving in London and the North West pay the most astounding yearly premiums at £1,048 and £1,006.

Be that as it may, those in the North East have seen the most keen cost increments, with normal yearly premiums expanding by 17.1% in the year to May. Drivers in the West Midlands and the South East are seeing the least cost ascends, with normal increments of 10.6% and 13% separately.

The most effective method to bring the cost of cover down

Fortunately there are things drivers can do to decrease the cost of cover; particularly with auto premiums going up.

Kevin Pratt, purchaser undertakings master at examination site stated:

“People confronted by rising car insurance premiums can take the sting out of the increase by shopping around at renewal. They certainly shouldn’t accept the price their current insurer gives them, because it will usually be significantly higher than the previous year. Insurers keep their best prices for new customers, so loyalty certainly doesn’t pay.”

Adding a named driver to your strategy can likewise help decrease premiums, as safety net providers see that as sharing the hazard and lower their premiums as needs be. You may likewise need to consider expanding the approach’s willful overabundance, which is the piece of any protection assert you should pay yourself.


“In general terms, the higher the excess, the lower the premium. You just need to make sure the excess remains affordable. Probably the biggest long-term impact on your premiums is the number and size of claims you make. So, if you can avoid making claims – drive with maximum care and attention, avoid driving at peak times, pay for minor damage yourself – you’ll build up a no claims discount that could knock 70% or more off your premium.”



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