Congress Needs To End FHA Life-Without-Parole Mortgage Insurance


A Invoice has been Released To Congress (Maxine Waters, D – CA) that could commute the life sentence awarded to FHA borrowers back in January of 2013. That’s if HUD increased FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums (MIP) and required debtors to pay these premiums eternally. Or at least to its life-of-their-loan, whichever came first.

This was completed in a bid to sure up and better deal with the Mutual Mortgage Insurance (MMI) Fund that’s the cash pool in which all of the MIP bucks go to wait for a creditor rescue to get a loan gone bad. The MMI Fund is congressionally mandated to keep a two % funding reserve and as lately as 2014 had fought to achieve that.

As far back as 2001, HUD permitted FHA MIP premiums to be canceled after a borrower attained 22 percent equity in their property. This of course decreased person FHA borrowers’ monthly mortgage payments but also decreased the quantity of MIP flowing in the MMI Fund. Somehow, whomever had been in charge of handling the MMI Fund and keeping the two % funding book over at HUD came up short.

Raising MIP has been an effortless solution though this place the burden of this repair on the folks who could least afford it; FHA borrowers. However, the concept of Legislation FHA borrowers to life with no possibility of parole abdicated the demand for accountable management of the MMI Fund. But in January of 2013, HUD failed both.

It was not fair.

And it is still not reasonable to low-to-moderate income debtors that rely upon FHA mortgage financing to purchase houses.

The strategy has been that MIP would stream uninterrupted to the finance and eternally replenish the default pool and also keep the two % funding book. Nevertheless, it was a short sighted fix to a long-term issue that penalized every new FHA borrower. So without a recourse or resistance, life-of-loan MIP became the law of this property in January of 2013.

However in January of 2015, HUD reversed management for MIP and radically reduced monthly premiums. What followed was a whopping 42% growth at FHA loan quantity, a healthful MMI Fund and funding reserves in excess of their two % mandate. Smart direction had triumphed.

Meanwhile, the life-of-loan provision played no role at all at the turning tide of these MMI Fund fortunes. Bear in mind, it was first 2013 when HUD included the life-without-parole clause and at 2014, the MMI Fund funding publication came at only .41 percent, well under the two % congressional mandate.

However, by the end of 2016, reduced MIP and raised need for FHA loans, watched the funding reserve improve to 2.07 percent. In only two decades HUD had was able to utilize lesser MIP to increase loan volume and transcend its two % funding reserve goal!

And there was no way the FHA’s Office of Risk Management and Regulatory Affairs could assert that the life-without-parole supply played a part in that achievement.

Keep in mind, prior to the life-without-parole supply, automated conclusion of MIP would occur at 22% equity. Automatic cancellations decrease the total amount FHA MIP being donated to the MMI Fund.

However there could have been virtually no automated cancellations of MIP on loans closed after January 2013 if the supply became effective. For many FHA mortgages using a 3.5 percent deposit amortizing over 30 decades, 22% equity isn’t achieved with three decades of regularly scheduled payments.

So the life-without-parole supply couldn’t have averted any automated cancellations of MIP from 2013 to 2016 and it played no part at the new found success of the MMI Fund. It had been bad policy then, it’s bad policy today.

I’m a boots-on-the-ground home mortgage originator through the day and a part of everything I do is research mortgage funding options with customers. Comparing pros, cons, prices, mortgage insurance as well as the viability of different applications (traditional Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac) is critical to finding best match. For FHA funding, the MIP life-without-parole supply is the principal reason to think about other mortgage funding options.

I’ve been in the mortgage originations company for nearly 30 decades and I know a great deal of mortgage originators all over the business. I understand none that believe FHA life-without-parole MIP is very good for mortgage customers.

Healthcare, taxation reform, immigration and FHA MIP life-without-parole are problems of their people’s business now being actively debated within our country’s capital. Rescinding the life-without-parole supply is low hanging fruit. It is important, let us do it.

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